Season 3

Setup: Michael is handling damage control after paper featuring an obscene watermark went out to a high school. He tells Jim he needs to take Andy with him to visit the client.
Michael: "I need two men on this."
Michael: TWSS, no time, but she did!

From: Product Recall (Season 3, Episode 20)


(73 Laughs)


Setup: Jan is telling Michael she can’t be with him all day because she’s in and out of meetings.
Jan: "I can’t stay on top of you 24/7."
(Implied): TWSS.

From: The Convention (Season 3, Episode 2)


(106 Laughs)


Setup: Michael is reflecting on the day’s events in which he outed Oscar as being gay.
Michael: "at least we put this matter to bed."
Michael: TWSS, or he said.

From: Gay Witch Hunt (Season 3, Episode 1)


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Setup: Michael & Stanley are eating their pretzels from the Pretzel Day cart.
Michael: “They taste so good in my mouth.”
Stanley: TWSS.

From: Initiation (Season 3, Episode 5)


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